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The MOMentous Philosophy



How We Came About

Much of society does not truly understand addiction. Instead of seeing it as a disease, like it is, they view it as a moral failure. Because of this, pregnant women experience undue amounts of stigma, discrimination, and sanctions (like child abuse charges or removal of custody). This creates fear which, in turn, prevents these ladies from seeking treatment for their condition(s). 

Treatment works. Support does, too. You will find both here. We utilize evidence-based programs and practices that are delivered to you in your home so that you do not have to worry about transportation, childcare, scheduling conflicts, or cost. 

While most programs have barriers to treatment or do not accept everyone, we aim to always be an open door


The Practices

​Seeking Safety 

Seeking Safety was designed for people with a history of trauma and/or addiction.

  • Trauma: means a distressing event such as a child abuse, major accident, combat, domestic violence, natural disaster, etc.

  • Addiction: means destructive use of alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping, etc. 


It focuses on coping skills to help you become more safe in your relationships, thinking, and actions.


Every session of Seeking Safety is structured with a check-in, an inspiring quotation, discussion, and check-out. The goal is to use time well to help you get the most from each session.


Seeking Safety focuses on the present. This means you will not be asked to reveal upsetting stories of trauma or addiction. We focus on what you can do right now to create a better life for yourself.


Want to learn more?



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

The MBSR Course is 8 weeks and is designed to help you:

  • Cope with daily stress, pain, and challenges

  • Be fully present and in the moment

  • Learn to navigate disturbing events

People who practice Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction report feeling less stressful, anxious, and depressed. They also feel more in control of their own thoughts and emotions. 

Narcotics Anonymous

The open meeting providing those struggling with substance use disorders an opportunity for fellowship and support using the 12 Step Model.


Our Community Forum acts as a social media platform where women can gather together to share pictures, ask questions, get advice, and build friendships. 

Case Management

Pregnancy is difficult. We offer Case Management for our members that will help you navigate locating a doctor, housing, insurance, and other social services.



Our Educational Platform serves to provide you information on a variety of subjects that will help prepare you to be a happier, healthier mom.



Our Meetings are support groups that are available to anyone and can be enjoyed right from your home. Be as active as you want or just sit back and listen. We offer a variety of meetings from 12 Step to Narcotics Anonymous. 


Getting Started


First Steps

Life can be overwhelming. Even more so when you are growing another human and dealing with addiction. We exist to give you options. 

Have Questions? 

  • Check out our Community: Post a question or read past forums to see what others women like you are saying and doing to combat their disease and take care of themselves.

  • Reach out to a Case Manager: Case managers can help point you in the right direction and help you build a plan while holding you accountable and giving you the support you need to make momentous changes. We will need you to fill out some new patient paperwork that can be found here before your first appointment. 

Need Support? 

  • Our Meetings Are A Great Start: If you're not ready to meet with a case manager, you can always join a meeting (and stay anonymous if you'd like) to get some quality connection and information.

Want to Learn More?

  • Visit our Education Tab: Case managers can help point you in the right direction and help you build a plan while holding you accountable and giving you the support you need to make momentous changes. 


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